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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The reason for this blog

When I started this blog on January 26, 2008 I did it for the purpose of sharing our journey. I did it because I wanted to testify of the things that God was doing in our lives. I had started a journal in March 2007. And as I was journaling I realized how amazing God was. I realized there were just too many things that had happened and there was no way I could not share them. God wants us to share our testimonies so that we can glorify Him. I had no idea that the testimonies would continue as they have.

I have not been very good about getting our testimonies out, as of late. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities for us to share what God is up to and how He continues to provide for us. Of course, that means that there's no shortage of tests and trials either. It's going to take me a while to share and get everyone caught up!

A funny thing (I wonder how many times I've started out with that phrase). It's how I start a sentence when I am trying not to say "a coincidence" or "as the Lord would have it" or "a God-incidence". Ha, ha! :) You see...Dave and I are going through another Leadership Development Program. This one is through Bethel Church, in Redding, CA. It's through their Global Legacy network. This is who Dave is being commissioned through. So, the first book we are reading is called "Release the Power of Jesus" by Bill Johnson. I'm about half way done with it. What do you think it's about? Sharing TESTIMONIES! The Lord does know how to get my attention! ;)

Here's some of what the book talks about: Testimonies have a ripple effect. There is an anointing upon testimonies.God speaks to us in various says. Some are through the spoken or written record (testimony) of anything God has done. This is a powerful way He speaks to us. Our ability to fulfill our calling and commissioning depends largely on remembering. "Our capacity ro remember what God has said and done in our lives and throughout history - the testimony - is one of the primary things that determine our success or failure in sustaining a Kingdom lifestyle of power for miracles."

Psalm 119:111 "I have inherited Your testimonies forever, they are the joy of my heart." The testimonies of the Lord are our inheritance. And a testimony is the written or spoken record of anything God has done in history. I've often heard this said "there is no testimony without a test". This means that something needs to happen where we need God. He has to intervene.

It is my committment to continue to share the testimonies in our life. That I will share more often and more boldly. That this is not about me, but rather what God has done!

I hope that you too will do the same. You may not have a blog, but you can share in the comments section of any post or you can share in the comments box on Facebook. If you share in the comments box in my blog, it will be part of a permanent record. On Facebook after a day, there is a much smaller chance that someone will be able to read your testimony. I may even make a post of testimonies of others. What a cool way to share what God is doing. And ultimately it will bring others closers to Him.

So, stay tuned for some "catch up" posts.

Love, Christine

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