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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Traditions

For those of you following the Better Together Challenge...sorry I haven't been updating about that. With everything going on...it just didn't seem important. Although today, I officially have lost 10 pounds!


Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love giving gifts, I love the lights, I love decorating, I love spending time with family, I love making Christmas cookies, and I even love going to church on Christmas eve when it's the craziest day of the year

Last Christmas we started a new tradition and I'm really looking forward to it again. We had a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas morning. After our breakfast, we sang Happy Birthday Jesus and we gave Him gifts. My kids gave these gifts: "my heart", "my love", "I'll be good for Him". I gave Him more of my time. It was truly a special morning. No money could buy the things we were giving. They were all straight from our hearts.

Since our finances are extremely limited this year, we will be giving many of those types of gifts to our family and friends. We will be giving gifts from the heart.


Merry Christmas! Christ was a gift to us, cherish Him.


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